“Ewa Agoyin” & Agege Bread: “A Home Grown African Breakfast”, By Uri Ngozichukwuka

Nothing beats this. No diet. No campaign against Agege bread. Nothing shall separate me from ‘Ewa Agoyin’ and Agege bread.
Now where will I get this?
The truth about Ewa Agoyin and Agege bread, is that this pair are only found in Lagos.
Not Abuja, Port Harcourt Owerri or even Taraba state where I’m currently working.
Ewa Agoyin is only found in Lagos Nigeria. I’m not counting Benin Republic or Togo from which it’s believed to have originated from.
I asked a question eelier. Where will I get this? I know there are some really great Nigerian restaurants and local fast food joints that ” pretend” to sell ewa agoyin. I’m intentional about the use of the word “pretend”. It’s the best word that replaces ‘fake” which I’m careful not to use. Reason being these eating places have other authentic African flavours in delicious delightful dishes.
However their attempt at serving the sacred Ewa agoyin gives me a mid 80’s feel about a great advert that graced our scenes . Long before cell phones and internet the television was king and the blue hox held us all enthralled. From local dramas to great commercials that did great job with Rhythmic songs, fantastic hooks and copys that told the story of the various brands with precision. In this particular commercial two actors were used from the sweet nostalgic comedy drama series “MASQUERADE”.
These were the late Christy Essien Igbokwe who played Apena the wife of Jegede shokoya the youngest millionaire and the late Lizzy Ovueme who played Missisim Ovuleria Nwogbo the wife of Chief Zeburudaya Nwogbo alias 4:30.
Wow…Memories all come flooding back this morning over ewa agoyin and agege bread
Anyway back to this commercial starring these two thespians.
Ovuleria visits Apena and Apena complains of headache. Ovuleria advises she takes an analgesic and she retorts she has taken and proceeds to ask the great hook of a question that elicits the super copy of the generation. She says ” I don take am. No be white tablet?” To which Missisim Ovuleria replies ” (sic). if eno be panadol eno fit be panadol “. Till date I’m still wondering who wrote such amazing lines


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