Do Not Be Quick To Forget, By Assin Godstime

Researching deep into Urhobo history has helped me to have knowledge of Urhobo totality of Senators. Although my research for nearly seven years has been concerned with their dates of political offices, I am also equipped with their achievement as Senators. The truth remains that Urhobo nation has never been this lucky, fortunate, known and celebrated as now.
Historically, McNeil Gabriel Ejaife was Urhobo first ever Senator, between 1963-66 and represented Western Region. Dafinone was the second Urhobo son to be elected Senator to represent Bendel South in 1979-83. Senator William Eradajaye was the first Urhobo elected Senator when Delta State was carved out of Bendel State. Eradajaye represented Delta Central (Urhobo division, that is, the present 8 local government areas) between 1992-93. Aghogho Brume was the fourth Urhobo elected Senator between 1999-2003. Senators Felix Ibru (2003-2007), Erhiawarie Eferakaya (2007-2011), Pius Ewherido (2011-2013), Emmanuel Aguariavwodo (2013-2015), Ighoyota Amori (2015-2016) and the incumbent Ovie Omo-Agege.
Furthermore, Urhobo nation has had eleven Senators from the outset of politics. Never in history has it been this good. Lightning of our streets with solar lights, supplying brand new transformers to our towns and villages, appointing young men as Legislative Aides (unlike what we are familiar with), paying salaries to aides as and when due, recommending qualified Urhobos into key positions, pledging loyalty to traditional institutions, introducing Technologies in our schools, championing the construction of the Benin-Sapele road (currently undergoing construction) and other roads, distributing chairs and desk to schools besides other laudable citations that are not known to me.
Senator Ovie Omo-Agege has brought honour to Urhobo people except for those who will never accept good things for their selfish reasons. These are the people who will never pray for him to do more because they are too party sentiment or ethnic tribalism, biased mindset and ungrateful. These are the people who wish their party enslaves Urhoboland. They are the same people who are suffering and smiling because of meagre. They wish only themselves well while others live in abject poverty, pains and sorrow provided their party inherits power.
Urhobo people must bear in mind now that Ovie Omo-Agege is not representing the All Progressives Congress (APC). He is the megaphone of the Urhobo ethnic group who serves the interest of all. Urhobo people should not be too quick to forget that he (Ovie Omo-Agege) is a blessing to them. Urhobo shouldn’t forget in a hurry all that he is doing in the meantime. We must not be the mother-hen. Please. This is obviously the rescuer we need. Should you want positive development, pray for him. Wish him well. He needs your prayers now or never.
The man is accessible, humble, down-to-earth, trustworthy and reliable. He is endowed and positioned to rescue us from our years of political setback. This is the time to shun ‘party is supreme’ and appreciate the protagonist and rescuer of all. Do not be quick to forget that he once rescued our mothers during the pandemic. Our mothers, do not be quick to forget that technologies (computers) are now in our children’s schools’ because Ovie Omo-Agege has brought light to it. For our young people, that is, the youths, do not be quick to forget that our young brothers and sisters are beneficiaries of his numerous appointments. For our kings, be proud that you have a son who has made you proud where the voices of minorities are not easily heard. For all, be patient and be ceremonious for more are on its way. He understands our pains, he is sleepless and pregnant with ideas that will sooner than expected position things in the right direction.
God blesses our Senator, Ovie Omo-Agege!
Assin Godstime Esq


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