Crude Oil Theft: NNPC Diversionary Tactics, By Chris Otaigbe

The consistent harassment of poor Niger Delta boys refining ‘stolen’ crude from vandalized pipes by the NNPC, while playing down the big oil thieves stealing Nigeria’s crude oil in the media, is pure DIVERSIONARY TACTICS; to distract attention from the real stealing going on ,on our water ways in the Niger Delta.
The boys in the creek are engaging in the illegal business, so called, because the multinational oil companies and the big oil thieves who have ruined their land and water are going scot-free; aided and abetted by the people in government.
I just watched a viral video clip of Arise tv report on oil theft.
It showed NNPC’s wonderful use of technology to detect, in Live satellite videos, the so called illegal refineries.
The report even BOASTED NNPC seizure of tanks of petrol, diesel and kerosene.
I was waiting to hear and see, loaded vessels and the sites where they are stealing raw crude and selling on the high seas.
Thank God for Peter Obi’s revelation and greater appreciation to Tompolo for exposing the BIG THIEVES; the REAL CRUDE OIL robbers stealing our oil.
Recall that when one if the vessels was caught, NNPC QUICKLY set the ship ABLAZE.
Yet, they can BOAST of DESTROYING illegal refineries.
At this time, when petrol has gone beyond N200, per liter, diesel and kerosene, at over N800per liter, NNPC is boasting that it has destroyed and is destroying good refined products; produced by our boys in the creeks; even though they are done in a crude manner.
They will not allow Dangote refinery to start; because of their demonic agenda to kill Nigerians with unguarded skyrocketing prices of Petro products.
Also, recall that at the peak of the Aviation fuel crisis, when the NNPC GMD, Mele Kyari was asked of the details of the transactions concerning imported Petro products; he REFUSED to ANSWER the legislators.
The NNPC GMD knew that if he had opened his MOUTH, cans of worms would have spilled out.
Again, in his recent statement, Peter Obi has said if Pakistan with more cars etc can consume a third of what NNPC says we consume in Nigeria, then ” who is drinking the balance…?”
All these revelations are TESTIMONIES to all I have been saying in my write ups.
Another point here, just like I have always maintained; that at a time when all the refineries have been destroyed, the Dangote refinery is the ONLY SENSIBLE AND RESPONSIBLE OPTION left; for the national oil company to adopt; in order to stop fuel importation and save Nigeria’s precious Forex.
Though, they finally listened to my Advocacy at the time by buying the 20% stake in the private refinery; it is looking like some window dressing; just to enrich themselves and their accomplices in government and outside.
Well, the question to ask NNPC is this; if they are saying fuel subsidy is unsustainable; does it not make sense to get Dangote refinery working at all cost? Or, take the TALENTED Niger Delta boys from the Creeks and HELP REFINE the crude manner of refining the crude oil they steal; do Nigerians can get these products at cheaper prices?
Thankfully, Peter Obi agrees with me that the best thing to do is get Dangote refinery working with EVERY SUPPORT available to Government.
If he could give an Innosson and Zinox, that are private concerns money UPFRONT to supply their products to Anambra people; as Governor, I am CONVINCED one of the first major issues he will address when he becomes President is do the simple logical thing; give Dangote all the crude oil and sundry support, he would need to get his refinery working at maximum capacity before the end of his first year in office.
This has busted the imbecilic argument of NNPC paid experts; who say private refinery is private ; and so the business men must be made to buy Nigeria’s crude oil at international price.
Talking politics now; have you ever heard Atiku or Jagaban talking about helping Nigerians to tackle fuel Crisis by working with Dangote and other private refineries?
At least, Atiku tried; he said he will sell NNPC to his friends; typical of how he used the bureau of public enterprises (BPE) as Vice President to sell public assets to himself and his cronies.
This is why Nigerians must vote wisely next year.
However, I sense a conspiracy between the oil thieves cabals (not the boys in the creeks; but the REAL crude oil thieves); Peter Obi said are in government; and some criminal elements in the relevant government agencies among others to ENSURE the Labor Party Presidential Candidate does not become President; even if he WINS!
 I’ve got news for them; it would be SAFER and more HONORABLE for them to allow a peaceful, free and Fair election come February 2023!
Any attempt to DENY and DEPRIVE Nigerians, their RIGHT to the president of their choice may prove catastrophic for them and ALL they hold dear.
Those who love them should please draw their ears and WARN them; to DESIST from any such idea; because it will CONSUME all associated with any criminal behind the NEEDLESS agony the Big Oil Thieves have been subjecting Nigerians to all these decades.
A word is ENOUGH for the WISE?
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!. 08185591375
Chris Otaigbe Writes From Lagos 


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