COVID-19: Nigeria’s Death Hits 1,813 As Infection Increases By 662


Nigeria recorded a new case of 662 Coronavirus (COVID-19) infections. This is according to the Nigeria Centre for Diseases Control (NCDC)

The NCDC gave the update in its daily record on Friday, February 19.

Lagos which is the epicentre, has the highest number of infected cases, which is, 167. Abuja followed suite with a record of 116, and then Ogun, which had 45 infected number of people.

Kano accounted for 44, while Akwa Ibom 35, leaving Edo with an infected number of 27.

Others include; Kaduna and Osun (23), Kwara and Taraba (22), Oyo (20), Ondo (19), Plateau (14), Abia and Imo (11), Nasarawa (7), Niger (6), Bayelsa and Delta (5), Enugu (3), Ekiti (2) and Jigawa (1).

NCDC through this record showed that the country has summed up to a total number of 150,908 confirmed cases.

However, 677 were discharged, summing the total number of discharged cases to be 127,500.

“Our discharges today include community recoveries in Lagos (535), Kaduna (73) and Imo State (69), managed in line with guidelines,” NCDC said.

Stating the death record, 10 persons were said to have lost their lives from the COVID-19 complications.




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