COVID-19: Lagos Records Highest Number Of Covid-19 Infection On Thursday


Nigeria Centre for Disease Control  (NCDC)  said that Lagos State recorded the highest number of covid-19 cases in the data released by it on Thursday. March 11, 2021.

In the record made available, the unit said 19 states and the Federal Capital Territory had new cases.

While Lagos recorded 107, Kwara had 26 new cases, followed by Akwa Ibom which had a data of 23 new cases.

NCDC through further data showed that Bauchi recorded 23, Ogun 21, Rivers 19, Kaduna 14, and FCT 11.

Other states include; Abia and Edo 8, Ekiti 6, Kano 5, Gombe and Osun 4, Oyo and Plateau 3, Nasarawa 2, Delta 1.

The record given by the unit left the nation with a total record of 287 new cases.

The centre disclosed that 8 new death were included in the death record of 1,993, leading to 2,001

The NCDC also disclosed that Nigeria has now recorded a total of 159,933 infections.

While a total of 142,404 have been discharged.


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