Complacency Of State Governors Is Responsible For Increasing Insecurity In Nigeria – Azeem Salako

A renowned political pundit Azeem Oladiemeji Salako has said that the state governors in Nigeria should be held responsible for the increasing spate of insecurity in Nigeria.
Azeem Salako said this while featuring as guest analyst on Silverbird Television Thursday, 18th February 2021.
He said the first incontrovertible truth of contemporary Nigeria state is that it is characterised by insecurity.
“Insecurity has not only emerge as the topical focus of public discourse but it has equally become a basis for evaluating and questioning the existence of the Nigerian state; in which its affairs are expected to be run by a functional government.”
He said the reason the “counter-terrorism” has failed and will continue to is government’s  indifference to the stateless societies in the Nigeria state.
According to him, “a stateless society is simply a place supposedly under a state jurisdiction but one without any visible presence of government.”


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