BuhariI:  The Time To Create State Police Is Now! By Ayoola Abraham

    Looking at the regular events in our recent weeks, I think it is high time we decentralized policing in this country. This military-style command and control federal system has shown to be consistently ineffective. With affordably priced policing technology out there, yet we cannot proactively tackle terrorists that continue to kidnap hundreds, herd them into busses and just move unhindered. The military is overstretched and highly demotivated. The military should not always be the first point of call. PMB can salvage whatever is left of his legacy by initiating a process of decentralized policing. There is very little you can do with vigilantes carrying dane guns when bandits and other terrorist gangs carry assault6 rifles. This is no time for partisanship or ethno-religious chauvinism, insecurity is rife throughout the country. Our borders, especially in the North are extremely porous that rogue herdsmen continue to import weapons and foot-soldiers into the country.
    Again, our problem is implosive: methink Nigeria is at war with itself. Again, you don’t have to look too deep to know that the major accelerator of this self-annihilation is the big three: Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo political elites. These elites have no means of livelihood outside of the government purse and when they are denied access to it they weaponize the country’s primordial fault-lines. The ordinary folks don’t care where you come from or the discourse about self-determination, they just want to survive. From Lagos, Bayelsa to Abia,  the ordinary Hausa/Fulani is working daily jobs to make ends meet. I don’t know of a multi-ethnic state without challenges stemming from primordial fault-lines.


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