Between Talking To Bandits And Terrorists, By Olawale Olaleye

    Everyday, you get clear signs that this government is helplessly clueless and on top of it, egocentric.
    But rather than seek genuine help in the interest of all, it would instead choose self-preservation at collective expense.
    The current debate over its choice to speak to bandits is a totally disturbing and needless one if it was actually a government that was focused and hands-on.
    Talking to terrorists is a global standard practice, when armed conflicts get to a head.
    Indeed, there are renowned and professional negotiators, who get the work done, without compromising the sovereignty of the affected nation(s) hence it is often done discreetly since both parties need to maintain their “honours”.
    But there’s a difference between a terrorist and a bandit. The first is motivated ideologically and determined to pay the supreme price if need arises. It is “faith” for him and an antisocial.
    But the other is nothing but a common criminal – a thief – driven solely by economic concerns. Another marker? A bandit is always afraid to die.
    Thus, the difference between talking to terrorists and bandits is a huge one, which doesn’t require an extra-ordinary explanation.
    Talking to armed robbers otherwise called bandits will only result in a colony of criminals and the society will be worse for it.
    The only explanation that could pass in this instance is that the government knows they are terrorists but has chosen to see and relate with them as bandits for convenience sake. Who negotiates with a thief for crying out loud?
    This government is just an epitome of failure. The earlier the people see it for what it is, the better. This government is unable to protect itself let alone you and I.
    You have two more years to put up with this disappointment and hopefully you would have learnt from the Buhari experience.
    There’s no way anyone would have had a one-on-one with Buhari and would be left with the impression that he could change anything.
    His ineptitude is as innate as it is palpable. But, hey, here we are today. Many congratulations for this costly political correctness.


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