Before We Unleash That Monster By Olawale Olaleye

    Whatever we are thinking, I’m not sure we’ve pondered our options very well.
    I’m not a fan of the Muhammadu Buhari administration, because I believe it hasn’t delivered leadership as expected in terms of securing lives and property.
    But, do I support the ongoing resort to self-help? Capital no! I don’t know anywhere in the world where self-help was/is sustainable or didn’t eventually go out of control.
    If we say, because of the frustrations and disappointment in the current administration, we’d take away state powers from constituted authorities and hand them over to individuals with no constitutional licenses, we are just about to unleash a monster that will consume us all.
    Our option is certainly not between official ineptitude and self-help, but finding a better placement for requisite state institutions to deliver without let or hindrance.
    If you’re not worried about the current state of play security-wise, think again. You’re probably not putting on your thinking cap yet.
    Armed militia without constitutional or legal containment are an enemy of the people they seek to help and the state as well. It is chaos in the final analysis.
    Unfortunately, it appears this is the road we’ve just elected to travel and the optics are already not looking good from all sides.
    Let’s rethink our options before we’re all taken out of existence by our poor choices.


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