Applauding Samad Rabiu! By Olawale Olaleye

    Founder of the BUA Group, Alhaji Abdul Samad Rabiu, is one Nigerian after my heart. He is not pretentious about good deeds, knowing particularly, when to deliver such. He did not only show genuine concern about the ravaging effects of Covid-19 on the nation at inception; he exhibited sincere readiness as a willing and progressive partner in the collective war against the pandemic.
    First, on March 26, 2020, he announced a donation of N1bn cash through the BUA Foundation to strengthen national response to fight COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria. It was a donation to aid the private sector-led CACOVID coalition.
    Not long after, he announced another N3.3billion donation to the fight against Covid-19 in Kano and Lagos States as well as the Presidential Task Force. But Mr. Rabiu didn’t just stop there. To emphasise the fact that his deeds were altruistic and not designed in anticipation of anything, he further placed orders for equipment and medical supplies, including testing kits and protective gears to nine states of the federation.
    There’s no other interpretation of this than the fact that Mr. Rabiu was genuinely concerned about the rising cases of Covid-19 in the country especially, the vulnerable states, and took personal responsibility to making sure that humanity won the war against Covid-19. In all, he was said to have spent roughly some N11 billion in the fight against Covid-19 at the time.
    Thinking post Covid-19, he signed some noteworthy business deals that would not only enlarge his coast and increase his business concerns, but also enhance the development aspiration of the government for the overall good of the Nigerian people towards the end of last year.
    First was the agreement with Axens of France for the supply of process technologies for its upcoming 10 million tonnes per annum mega refinery and petrochemicals facility to be sited in Akwa Ibom State. The multi-billion dollar integrated 200,000 bpd refinery and petrochemical plant is projected at producing Euro-V fuels and Polypropylene for the domestic and regional market.
    Also, last year, BUA announced that it was setting up a three million metric tonnes cement plant and 50 megawatts power plant in Guyuk and Lamurde local governments of Adamawa State in the North Easter region of Nigeria. This initiative was designed to provide at least three thousand direct and five thousand indirect jobs.
    Earlier today, he announced the purchase of one million vaccines for Nigerians since that has become the new direction in combating Covid-19. This, he has done to complement efforts of the government. Say what you like, Alhaji Samad Rabiu is a good man and genuinely so.
    He’s obviously not going to stop being kind as well as advancing the cause of humanity. It’s actually folks like him, who give hope in a seemingly frustrating country like ours.
    Please, a round of applause for this distinguished and patriotic Nigerian!


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