Anambra elections: Winners and Losers, By Iliyasu Gadu

Professor Soludo. The Professor of Economics and APGA candidate candidate who trounced PDP and APC candidates Val Ozigbo and Andy Uba respectively. One time Central Bank Governor and now Governor of the state with arguably the greatest number of billionaires per square mile in Nigeria.
Governor Obiano. The large-eyed APGA Governor of Anambra state who successfully handed over the APGA baton to Soludo thus keeping Anambra solidly in the party that Ikemba Ojukwu built. A lot of people had said APGA will lose the elections because his performance as Governor was zilch and that he had derailed from the essence of the party. But with this victory he has now been vindicated and he can now heave a huge sigh of relief.
Ndi Anambara. For standing fast and coming out to exercise their democratic rights. What’s more they kept the legacy of Dim Ojukwu alive ensuring that the old warlord will once again chuckle in his grave at the news of the cock still crowing in his beloved Anambra.
Peter Obi the China loving, falsetto voiced former governor of Anambra. This was to be his statement of intent for his presidential ambition. Now that his candidate Val Ozigbo was mercilessly flogged by Soludo he cannot muster the courage to make a claim for the presidency without drawing ironic nods and sniggers.
Val Ozigbo. Nice try Val. If he had been in the APGA he would have won hands down. But the Anambra people are not yet ready to part with APGA just yet
Andy Uba. OBJ’s former fixer of kitchen house issues and the man who was responsible for “wet” affairs in the Obasanjo presidency. His ugly past caught up with him. And the Anambra people took their pound of flesh on him. I doubt very much if Ngige voted for him even though they belong to the same party.
Federal might that he hoped for to help him win did not work. A lesson to All those who think PMB will help them rig el elections in 2023.
Mrs Ojukwu. Who ever advised her to Issue that statement condemning Obiano and the APGA he now leads did not mean well for her. The statement was vindictive and not in consonance with the political mood of Ndi Anambra who were determined to retain APGA in power no matter who the candidate was.
IPOB. The outlawed secessionist movement which tried to disrupt the election by their I’ll considered sit at home order. Thwarted by the massive deployment of security and law enforcement officers and the democratic will of the people of Anambra.
Emma Powerful is now Emma Powerless. Nnamdi Kanu’s treason trial continues.


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