African Democracy Is Erroneously “Brabology By Grabology”. John Okoro

Like the CNN, 94% of our radio and television news are bad news and positively uneducated. Crimes, killings, wars, kidnappings, terrorism and the likes are the major take away contents. Most presenters are directly and, or indirectly informing, promoting and badly educating their listeners and viewers with tissues of more crimes, more violence, hatred, divisions etc.
More and more tensions and subjective insecurity are created in people’s psych. Evil and evil perpetrators are directly and indirectly given cheap popularity. Terrorists are indirectly and irresponsibly boosted and energised when they are given over publicity, over attention and over importance. Same goes with most times, emotional and sentimental reportage about the major basic problems of the nation, namely; the minimighty touchable and untouchable corrupt politicians, corrupt government officials and civil servants; corrupt and criminal elements disguised into the traditional and religious leadership, and those tarnishing the image of the country home and abroad.
Good and responsible journalism demands objectivity, researching and investigating, honesty, nonpartisan, respect of the audience, good judgement before feeding the public without inciting or corrupting them etc.
Being opportune to communicate to the public regularly as a journalist, religious leader etc requires responsible characters who are sensitive to promotion of peace, justice and unity, not people who will blow hot with upper lip and cold with their lower lip. Or acting like an amateur social media commentator.
There is no action without a cause.
There is insecurity everywhere. Yes. Who is responsible? Why don’t the cause of the problem be tracked and tackled first before tackling the problem? Destroying the cause of the cancer is the beginning of the treatment of the cancer. People are responsible for the insecurity we are suffering. If they are not successfully stopped by the nation, they will succeed in stopping the nation.
Uncooked and unripe democracy is the cankerworm that is eating deep into the fabrics of many African nation’s like ours. Politics, partisanship and politicians remain for ME the problem with us.
PDP and APC are cousins. The many corrupt thieves in them,  the many public servants kleptomaniacs who view institutionalised looting as a share of the cake to cut from are our main deadly cancer.
People unfortunately cover them up, hail them, protect them. They are bad shepherds because they feed on, steal and destroy their sheep.
PDP or APC politicians? Yes. They go in for a do or die elections and win, they end up stealing and destroying. They lose elections, then they will strategically resort to sponsoring all kinds of terror, violence; by every way and means available, they fuel insecurity as a strategy to grab power to steal.
I ask people who call for treating the cancer rather than destroying the cause of cancer if our same made in Nigeria bunch of people will not eventually sit to discuss what they call referendum or restructuring? Or shall we import angels to rearrange the table for us?
NO. It is Character, it is attitude, it is discipline, it is ethics, it is patriotism and, it is morality etc FIRST. These  required essential values are lacking in African practice of democracy.
Democracy in Africa is like an imported banana into a gorilla kingdom. African poor and erroneous understanding of democracy is grabology by the fittest grabologists. We must face and tackled our problem from the cause. The chicken will not leave the sharp knife that cut his throat and be bending neck for the innocent cooking pot.


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