Adebayo Arrests Man For Pirating ‘Jagun Jagun’ Movie


Nollywood actor, Femi Adebayo, has arrested a yet-to-be identified man for pirating his recent epic Yoruba movie, ‘Jagun-Jagun’.

Femi also vowed to take action against people pirating the movie using unauthorized streaming platforms.

According to the actor, findings revealed some people are downloading the movie from different websites, including telegram groups.

He wrote, “URGENT: Anti-Piracy Warning! Piracy is a criminal act that threatens the very essence of our creative industry. Persons have already begun pirating this labour of love.

“Some have been apprehended like in the photo, and we’re relentlessly pursuing others and bringing them to book!

“Our search includes persons downloading the movie from unauthorized sites, including telegram groups!

“These actions are a grave impediment to Nollywood’s rightful place in the entertainment industry.

“We really have to protect Nollywood’s future and support legitimate creators. While you are at it, subscribe to Netflix and stream Jagun Jagun now showing! OGUN YAA.”

The actor, during an interview with the press, disclosed that he sold his properties to fund the movie because he didn’t want to seek help from financial institutions and individuals.

Adebayo said Jagun Jagun is a multi-billion Naira project, though, he did not disclose the exact amount he spent on funding the project.


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