2021: Anambra Town Unions Endorse Obiora Oknonkwo


The governorship aspiration of business mogul and intellectual, Dr. Obiora Okonkwo, received a major boost on Saturday when the Abuja chapter of Association of Anambra State Town (Peoples) Associations (ASTPA), threw its weight behind him insisting that the state can no longer be left in the hands of persons who lack the capacity to lead.

Speaking at a Covid-19 compliant event organized by Dikeora 2021 Ambassadors in Abuja, President-General of the association, Engineer Ike Iwenofu, said that Dr. Okonkwo is eminently qualified to lead Anambra state into the next phase of its development.

He said: “I have not met him personally before now but I have heard a lot of good things about him. And listening to him talk gave me goose pimples. I said so we still have someone like this in Anambra state. The most interesting about what he said in his address was his reverence of God. He has said that he is available to serve Anambra state but added that he can only do that if it is the will of God. I am deeply humbled by that because there is nothing one cannot achieve standing with God”.

Speaking at the event attended by many prominent sons of Anambra state including leaders and representatives of all Town Unions of Ananbra state in Abuja, Engr. Imenofu said that the state has come of age and must now take its rightful place on the ladder of seriously developing states.

According to him, the 2012 governorship election in Anambra state is too critical to be left in the hands of all comers.

“The next governorship election in Anambra will be determined by the diaspora. We can no longer leave it to those at home. We all must become part of the process to ensure we elect the most credible candidate with the right vision to lead the state”, he said to the applause of all at the event.

He said the Anambra Diaspora must now become fully involved in the electoral process not just by registering to vote in the next governors


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