10 Other Nigerians Who Made A Difference Like Late Jakande, While In office

    (1) Abubakar Tafawa-Balewa: He commissioned Kainji Dam, built Victoria Island from scratch, founded Unilag in defiance of everyone’s advice and built the Asaba-Onitsha bridge. He also extended our railway network to Ilaro, Baro and Kaura Namoda
    (2) Obafemi Awolowo: What more can be said about him when in 1959 the federal government had a budget of £50m but the Western Region had a budget of £55m. His initiatives like free education, Cocoa House, WNTV, Liberty Stadium, etc stand until today. At his death, Odumegwu Ojukwu described him as: “The best president Nigeria never had.”
    (3) Michael Okpara: This man was an Awoist to the core. He had no business in the NCNC or NPN. He remains the only Nigerian leader up until today who spent 45% of his annual budget on education
    (4) Olikoye Ransome-Kuti: Our only real health minister since independence. He was obsessed with primary healthcare and took it to the rural areas
    (5) Samuel Ogbemudia: Many of the infrastructural projects in Edo and Delta states were built by him. He transformed Benin from a provincial town into a befitting capital
    (6) Abubakar Rimi: He remains the only Nigerian governor to date to receive a Unesco award for rural development
    (7) Sam Mbakwe: Another governor who was hellbent on abolishing poverty in his state. Known as the “Weeping Governor”, Mbakwe made education and infrastructural development his two main priorities
    (8) Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: Her two biggest legacies remain consolidating the banks and publishing the monthly Federal allocation allowances. Imagine the crisis Nigeria would be in today if her banks were not consolidated
    (9) Kemi Adeosun: Even through her time in office was brief, it was memorable. Governors feared this woman because she insisted that any federal bailout funds must be used to clear salary arrears. She also made it clear to all parastatals that they have to remit their revenue to the treasury. This ended the stealing of billions of naira
    (10) Godswill Akpabio: I am not his greatest fan as his methods belong to the Gestapo but I have to give Godswill his due. When he was governor he radically transformed Akwa Ibom State. His Uncommon Transformation programme was characterised by a lot of money being spent but it delivered roads, hospitals, schools, an airport, a stadium, a secretariat, mass dualisation, etc


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