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Boris Johnson could become Prime Minister within weeks after David Cameron dramatically announced his resignation from Downing Street.

Mr Cameron will stay on as Prime Minister for three months to calm the markets and allow the Conservative party to elect a new leader.

Mr Johnson is the overwhelming favourite to win the leadership election and subsequently become the next PM.

But he will have a very tough two years ahead of him as he leads negotiations to establish a new relationship with the EU.

Mr Johnson was recovering from four months of hard-fought campaigning at his north London home this morning with his wife Marina Wheeler.

A media scrum awaited him outside his Islington home, with one man playing bagpipes on the residential street in Angel despite the early hour.

He flew back to London last night after attending his daughter’s graduation at St Andrews University, Scotland, where he caused controversy by unveiling a Brexit banner during the ceremony.

With just hours to go until polls closed, Mr Johnson overshadowed his 22-year-old Lara’s big day by waving a ‘last chance to vote’ poster to the audience.

It caused mayhem as other student defied the ex-London Mayor by marching up to collect her degree with a Remain poster of her own as voters went to the polls across the country.

Mr Johnson performed the stunt as he sat in the balcony of the Younger Hall alongside his wife Marina Wheeler QC.

Lara Johnson was awarded a degree in Latin and Comparative Literature from the Scottish university.

Her dad flew up to Scotland for the occasion, posing for selfies with excited students after four months of hard-fought campaigning to persuade voters to back Britain leaving the EU.

Ali West said she could not pass up the opportunity to make the Remain case to Mr Johnson, insisting: ‘Boris Johnson was in the audience at my graduation today, so naturally I had some thoughts.’

A witness to Mr Johnson’s final stunt of the referendum campaign at St Andrews today told the Daily Record: ‘It was all done very much tongue in cheek. Both posters got a huge cheer and round of applause.

‘Boris wasn’t telling people who to vote for, just for them to get out there and make the effort.’

Daily Mail of London

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