Rough, Raw And Right, By Kingsley Momoh


    And so I got up from my bed as usual. I rushed into the bathroom which is the new ritual and start telling GOD how sorry I am for not properly having a quiet time as I would have. Once again I come to feel bad that I have for the past three months been ‘avoiding’ talking to GOD in the morning because I felt I haven’t been faithful in the area of having a quiet time with him and I now feel like the malice has gone too long to be sorted out. I guess a subtle stubborn thick flesh has grown overtime on me.

    GOD must be so annoyed with me and might not want to listen to me and might even tell one or two angels to deal with me for having the effrontery to come and talk to him while in the bathroom and not follow the doctrine of entering his presence with praise and worship and so on and so on.

    And so humbly, I decided to just ask for mercy and plead for favour without really bothering to listen if HE heard it or not because I have come to realize that HE is ever listening; although his ways are not our ways. I believe GOD does what he wills at his will and by his will. Did you get that?….I will laugh at you if you claim you got it because I still do not get it!

    Enough laugh, I am not a fan of faking the fact that I am a sinner but I am one of the few (yes I say few) that are afraid of taking GOD for granted. How would I just go talking to him like I was talking to the security guard at  the entrance to my street who I hardly know or talk to until I get home late in the night? And expect some interesting answers? I know that much to know that I have to respect him which he has laid down in a simple process and when you do that, you will enter into that realm he wants. Hence, the procrastination continued,

    That really has become a lifestyle of many people who call themselves Christians daily. They would always postpone those things that are supposedly very important and pursue those that are not important. I sometimes go into deep thoughts about what GOD would call more important in situations where you live in a city like Lagos and your office is about 4 hours from you in modern day traffic and about same distance when going back. However that 4 hours distance can be covered in less than an hour on a Sunday morning!

    Well, going by the saying that if you are in Rome, you have to behave like a Roman, I am already a Lagos hustler! I sleep, wake, traffic (the journey), Work, traffic, sleep and the cycle of pursuit of fat salary, life of joy continues. And this morning, I am seriously on it!

    I no longer have the kind of time I used to have to admire myself in the mirror in the morning because I have to beat some crazy traffic jam to be able to make it early enough to the office. So, many times, I get dressed in the dark (no thanks to Nigeria’s power companies (IKEDC, EPC, NEPA, PHCN, EFCC) or even if it’s not in the dark, I get to rush in getting dressed. The days of trying on various smiles, postures, and gesture specimens were becoming things for only weekends and other events and not for the morning sessions of work. Men! I used to hear of times like this when I was still a student and hungry to start working. Many people used to say that you would so love your job (or get threatened by your job) that you would sacrifice anything for it because it will become a way of life especially when success, fame and money start calling on you to come over to the next bus stop. That bus stop is usually so near yet so far but we always pursue it!

    This thing called success is embedded with first class vanity in all ramifications but, we still want it.

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