Nnamdi Kanu As A Clown By Utibe Uko


    Everywhere on earth, the majority always seem to be the most gullible. The vast majority who are led always seem to follow the leader foolishly, refusing to examinine critical issues, asking pertinent questions, allowing themselves to be led from frying pan to fire. It’s not a Nigerian or African thing, it’s a human mental disease.

    The led always seem to lack a critical mind, questioning the status quo, demanding answers from political leaders who lead them into unjustified violence and death while the leaders feed fat on the rewards of the fatal sacrifices of the led.

    How many Nigerians have fought the political causes of politicians with fatal results only for the politicians to reconcile with former perceived enemies and jointly loot the commonwealth of the dead? We see that everywhere on earth just before elections. Families and friends are ripped apart because of unworthy political causes which turn out to be self serving for the politicians.

    Twenty three million low/middle income Americans stand to lose healthcare coverage if President Donald Trump/Republican Congressmen revision of Obamacare sails through. If effected, the revision to Obamacare will on the flips idea give the wealthiest Americans substantial tax breaks. Twenty three million Americans, the core of those who voted President Trump into the White House.

    I have read, heard, observed the antics of Nnamdi Kanu of the separatist IPOB group. IPOB is pursuing a cause, the group feels a section of Nigeria is marginalised and strongly believe that section cannot achieve its potential under the current Nigerian government structure. Yes, the basic premise for IPOB agitation is right, BUT… check your leadership. Is your leadership wholly committed to the cause as the followers are? I doubt. While Nnamdi Kanu and “Biafrans” in diaspora spread the message of hate and violence at home, they and their families remain safe in foreign lands.

    Do a little background check, a few lines of research.

    Nnamdi Kanu holds a British passport, his immediate family is safe in Europe. If Nnamdi Kanu is serious about “Biafra” let him jettison his British passport, issue himself a “Biafran” passport and bring his immediate family home to “Biafra”. Plus, let him speak “Biafran” whenever he is addressing “Biafrans”.

    Mumu no dey finish?

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