Kogi Polls: Interim Results Puts APC Candidate On The Lead.


INEC officials take a 30 minute break after announcing results from 11 LGAs.

APC’s Abubakar Audu is in the lead but not a very comfortable one. Incumbent governor, Idris Wada is still in the running.

Results by LGA

Idah LGA
Registered Voters: 48,762
Accredited Voters: 21,471
APC: 11,779
PDP: 6,952

Yagba East LGA
APC: 7,129
PDP: 5,368

Yagba West LGA
Registered Voters: 35,966
Accredited: 15,902
APC: 7,930
PDP: 7,021

Okene LGA
Registered Voters: 117, 132
Accredited voters: 33,703
PDP: 15,968
APC: 14,786
Ogori/Magongo LGA
PDP 2,601
APC 1,931

Ijumu LGA
Registered Voters: 46, 819
Accredited voters: 18,199
APC: 9, 958
PDP: 6,040

Koton Karfe LGA
Registered Voters: 45,817
Accredited voters: 21,834
APC : 10,426
PDP : 9, 316

Okehi LGA
APC: 10,170 -Winner
PDP: 8,504

Ajaokuta LGA
APC: 8,581-Winner
PDP: 6,903

Adavi LGA
Registered Voters: 85,127
Accredited voters: 30,993
APC : 15,636 -Winner
PDP : 11, 902
PPA, 186
LP, 1,318

Mopa Muro LGA
Registered voters: 69,114
Accredited: 24,645
APC: 10,170
PDP: 8,504

PICTURES: INEC officials at the collation centre

Kogi Election REC

INEC REC Kogi Election

Agents of political parties and cross section of observers at the INEC head office in Kogi

Governor Idris Wada and wife Halima, questioning a presiding officer after Halima's name could not be found on the voters' register. Photo: Femi Ipaye

As the results from the Kogi governorship election trickle in, PM News will serve you all the updates, pictures and news via this live blog.

In the result declared for Audu’s polling unit 002, LGEA School, Ogbonicha/Ofeche, Ochi-Ogbonicha Omodofa Ward 10, Audu won 240 votes while PDP’s candidate, Governor Idris Wada recorded no vote.

Prince Audu Abubakar, the APC Governorship candidate casting his vote at OgbonichA Ofu local govt area, Kogi State. Photos: Femi Ipaye

Results from a polling unit in Idah LGA, with the number PU(22/07/04/011), also saw the APC candidate winning 111 votes to PDP’s 63. ADC got 3, APA: 3, CPP: 1 DPP: 1 PDC: 1, NNP: 1

In polling unit 12, Amole’s SPACE, in Lokoja, APC scored 148, and PDP PDP 110.

However in polling unit PU No: 22/12/01/013. Lokoja A Ward, Lokoja, PDP and APC were close. PDP scored 144 votes, to APC’s 139.

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