Fayose Is Richer Than Ekiti – EFCC


The EFCC investigations into the finances of Ekiti State vis – a – viz that of the state governor, Peter Ayodele Fayose has revealed that the governor by all standards is far richer than the state. According to a source of the anti-corruption Agency, the huge amount of money found in the governor’s private account and that of his cronies cannot in anyway be compared with that of the state. “The EFCC does not just act without carrying out thorough investigations, we acted based on the act establishing the Agency. If anyone felt we’ve acted against him wrongly, let the person approach the court.”

“It is a fact that according to our constitution, certain category of public officials are immuned from prosecution while in office and they include the President, Vice President, Governors and deputy Governors.
Thus, we all recognize and accept the fact that these category of persons have immunity, but to transfer this immunity to their properties or holdings or bank accounts is what we have been unable to identify where it is stated in the constitution.”

“So, if Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti state is crying wolf over the freezing of his personal bank account and not that of the state as a result of investigation of irregularities and suspicious transactions by the EFCC as empowered by the Act establishing the commission, may one use this medium to advise him to quickly approach the courts and seek the interpretation of the law on the difference between immunity for the governor and his personal bank account which has been frozen by the anti graft body.”

“Governor Ayodele Fayose cannot in anyway be richer than his state. So let him go to court we shall meet him there.”

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