Bisexual Relationship Nigerian Lady Faces Imminent Danger From Boyfriend


A Nigerian lady by name Aderayo Alao who was denied convention refugee in Canada is facing imminent danger in the hand of her former boyfriend and the father of son born in Canada.

It has come to the knowledge of Mr. Azeez that Aderayo is morally unfit to raise their son as she is exposing her bisexual relationship.

It is against Islamic religion and African culture to expose the little child to her bisexual lifestyle.

The mother of Ms Aderayo Mrs. Abiola Alao has been threatened because of immoral conduct of her daughter who is in Canada.

Mr. Azeez has also retained a lawyer seeking for an order to gain the custody of his child.

Mrs. Abiola has currently escaped to unknown location due to physical threat to her life.

It is against the law to practice homosexuality in Nigeria and any body caught in such act, will be taken to court and if convicted, will be sentenced to 14years in prison.

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